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Western Canada's Gateway to the World

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 Our strategic location near the border and exceptional trade infrastructure and warehousing helps you transport goods all over the globe via rail, road and air.
The Region

From Lethbridge to the US Border, the Gateway has opportinities of shapes and sizes. Find the right one for you.

The Gateway encompasses the major transportation routes of southern Alberta including highway 3, highway 4, highway 36, and access to the Coutts border crossing

At the intersection of major trade routes, the Gateway is a hub for moving commodities and manufactured product to end markets.

The logistics hub is located in the centre for agriculture, agri-food, and food production. It’s surrounded by industrial land in Lethbridge, Milk River and more

Grow your buisness by being part of an industry cluster that includes world-class training and business support services. 

The Gateway is at the centre of agriculture innovation, transportation excellence, and industrial opportunity.

Dive deeper and explore the metrics of the Metropolitan Census Region and more. 

Metropolitan centres include Lethbridge, Milk River, Warner, Stirling and other communities within Lethbridge County and Warner County.

Affordable living, beautiful environment, job security, economic stability. Southern Alberta has it all. 

Southern Alberta Feeds the World

Be part of the Opportunity.

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"Southern Alberta is home to 70% of Canada's irrigated farmland, moves Billions of dollars of commodities to market, and has a large industrial base to support this industry. All of this requires logistics and transportation to thrive."
- Trevor Lewington, Economic Development Lethbridge

The Gateway

The Highway 4 Corridor is at the crossroads of trade

Highway 3 bisects the region east to west, providing road and rail access to Vancouver and Seattle in one direction, and Chicago in the other. 

Highway 36 is a high-load corridor that serves as the transportation corridor from the United States through to the oilsands in Northern Alberta.

The Canamex Highway provides access north to Calgary and Edmonton, and south to California, Texas, and Mexico.

A Map of the gateway region highlights its advantages as an inland port including highway 3, highway 4, highway 36, the railroads, the coutts border crossing, the airport and industrial land.
The Region

Location Advantages

Canada's Premier Food Corridor is a consortium of Economic Development professionals working to advance the agri-food sector in Southern Alberta.
SouthGrow is an economic development alliance of southern Alberta communities, bringing opportunities for food production, logistics, trade infrastructure and broadband
Alberta is a strategic investment: set up with the trade infrastructure, industrial land, grain elevators, warehousing, transportation, rail loading, and more

a logistics cluster inside an agrifood cluster

inside a booming agricultural and energy rich-region

inside the most competitive province in Canada

Explore the trucking routes, railroads, rail sidings, freight routes, elevators and other infrastructure in the lethbridge county and warner county area.
View the Canadian Pacific rail map to see the infrastructure and routes including transmark, railroads, rail sidings, and rail loading.
The airport enables the use of air freight and for intermodal transport, access to trucking companies, railroads, highways and warehousing.


Canadas Western Gateway is home to a dense ecosystem of logistics companies and is supported by a robust business support network - all set within a dense agrifood industiral region that is a constant source of work.

Trucking and Logistics
Agrifood Cluster
  • 3805 Trucking Inc.

  • 520 Transport Ltd.

  • Advanced Cattle Carriers

  • Al Hawley Trucking Inc.

  • Anne-Mor Express Ltd

  • Bazentine Trucking Ltd.

  • B&D Walter Trucking Ltd.

  • Bob Matthews Trucking Ltd.

  • Border Transport

  • B Reimer Trucking Lethbridge Ltd.

  • Caveman Tranport Ltd

  • CJD Trucking

  • Degenstein Trucking Co.

  • Doug Doyle Trucking

  • DW Transport Ltd.

  • Dueck Bros Trucking Ltd.

  • Evans Trucking

  • Fernie Cartage Ltd.

  • Fitz Starber Inc.

  • French Livestock Transport Ltd.

  • Harold Ioewen Transport

  • Kado Trucking Ltd.

  • L J Mullen Trucking Ltd.

  • Lo-Cost Tranpsort Ltd

  • Lyle Grover Inc.

  • Lynden Transport

  • JK Trucking

  • Handel Tranpsort Ltd.

  • Hi-Way 9 Express

  • Manitoulin Transport

  • Marlowe Smith Trucking

  • Marvin Bohne Trucking

  • Millar Trucking Ltd.

  • Mustang Freightways Ltd.

  • Northwest Distributors

  • Pokolm Trucking

  • Primetime Delivery Svc

  • Riverstone Transport

  • R-KO Truck Lines Ltd.

  • Rosenau Transport Ltd.

  • Southern Belle Pilot Truck and Hotshot

  • TRU Holdings Inc.

  • TST-CF Express

  • UPS

  • Wendorff & Sons Trucking

  • University of Lethbridge

  • Lethbridge College

  • Lethbridge R&D Centre

  • Orich Transport Inc.

  • Transport Safety Solutions

  • Western Transportation

  • Teamworks Training Inc.

  • A1 Storage and Transfer Yard (border)

  • Commercial Vehicle Inspection Services (border)

  • Exhibition Park

  • Lethbridge Regional Airport

  • Lethbridge Truck Terminal

  • Sentinal Storage

  • VersaCold International Corporation

  • Affiliated Customs Brokers Ltd.

  • Cole International

  • Farrow

  • Fed Ex Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage

  • Livingston International

  • HH Smith

  • William L Rutherford Ltd 

  • World Wide Customs Brokers Ltd.

  • BNSF Railway Co.

  • Canadian National Railway Co.

  • Canadian Pacific Railway Co.

Facilities and Warehousing
Customs Brokers
Business Support
  • Community Futures

  • Economic Development Lethbridge

  • Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce

  • Lethbridge College

  • Lethbridge County Economic Development

  • Regional Innovation Network of Southern Alberta

  • SouthGrow Regional Economic Development

  • Tecconnect Business Incubator

  • Western Economic Development

  • Cavendish Farms

  • McCain's

  • PepsiCo

  • Lantic Inc.

  • Lamb Weston

  • Rowland Farms

  • Gouw Quality Onions

  • Richardson Oilseed

  • Sunrise Poultry

  • Maple Leaf Products

  • Whole Leaf Products

  • EPIC

  • Broxburn Vegetables

  • Agropur Cheese

  • L.A. Grain Ltd.

  • Parmalat

  • Sakai Spice

  • Black Velvet Distillery

  • P & H Milling

  • Ewe-nique Lamb

  • Prairie Meats Ltd.

  • Fairwinds Farms

  • Leffers Brothers Vegetables

  • Latin Foods Inc.

  • Lethbridge Meats & Seafood

  • Let's Pasta Food Services

  • Sunrise Berry Farms

  • Lucco Farms Mustard

  • CR Fruit Farms

  • Tamminga Farms

  • Broxburn Farms Ltd.

  • Nutrosciece Inc.

  • Crystal Springs Cheese

  • Mans Greenhouse

  • Busy Bea's Market Garden

  • Quattro Ventures

  • Prairie Gold Produce

  • Viterra

  • Columbia Seed Co Ltd.

  • H & R Transport

  • Cargill

  • Bayer Crop Science

  • Master Feeds

  • Lethbridge Biolabs

  • Federated Coop Limited

  • Versa Cold

  • Flexahopper Plastics

  • C.C Constantini Commodoties

  • Landmark Feeds

  • AgValue Brokers

  • Chin Ridge Seeds Ltd.

  • Ring Container

  • Grow-TEC

  • Invigro BioEnergy Corporation



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Labour Market Data
Living Here

Living Here

Southern Alberta is an amazing place to call home. With a low cost of living in one of the highest quality of life jurisdictions in the world, and with access to some of the most stunning environments in North America. 

Explore Away with the links below.

In the News

In the News


‘Together, we are stronger’: Canadian food processing feeds and supports communities

January 14, 2022

Food production is an exciting and dynamic space shaped by the demand for sustainably feeding a growing global population and addressing evolving consumer preferences.  Find out more!


'It's going to be crazy': Snowbirds at Alta. campground eager for U.S. border reopening

Nov 6, 2021

Nearly two years of being caged in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic has some snowbirds anxiously waiting in their motorhomes and trailers in southern Alberta.Find out more!


Premier in Lethbridge for Exhibition Park Expansion Groundbreaking

March 31, 2021

The 268,000-square foot, $70.5 million Agri-food Hub and Trade Centre will be part of Lethbridge’s future and for the local economy of the region. Read more!


College digital media students design logos for Western Gateway Corridor

December 23, 2020

Lethbridge College’s Digital Communications and Media (DCM) program students recently helped build the visual identity through a logo design challenge for Canada’s Western Gateway Trade and Logistics Corridor.



Alberta economy and job growth picking up steam

January 14, 2022

"I believe that we have several things to look forward to in Lethbridge. It’s worth noting that, despite a rough couple of years, Lethbridge’s economy has been stable and, along with the rest of Alberta, now leads Canada."  Find out more!


Biofuel plant near Lethbridge to expand, include more types of farm waste

July 27, 2021

The provincial government has announced $4.7-million in funding to expand a key biofuels processing facility just south of Lethbridge. Find out more!


Farmings Hottest Boom Town

March 4, 2021

Lethbridge has emerged as one of Canada’s hottest centres of farm and ag entrepreneurialism. How hot is that? Well, read on…


CN acquires H&R intermodal Fleet

May 11, 2019

CN has acquired H&R Transport’s intermodal division, recognizing the Alberta fleet’s roots along the way. 



Ninety-one new or expanding investment inquries for businesses in Lethbridge this year

December 21, 2021

As Micah Quinn explains, Economic Development Lethbridge says this was the busiest year for new business and expansion of businesses that they have ever seen. Find out more!


Southern Alberta Stakeholders pushing for resources to streamline trade with the U.S.

May 6, 2021

Some Lethbridge officials have suggested bringing a pre-border inspection centre to Lethbridge, as well as introducing the federal Free and Secure Trade program to the area, Find out more!


Lethbridge Airport Optimistic about future despite Covid-19 Impacts

January 5, 2021

As Covid-19 regulations have caused an indefinite slowdown at all airports, the city's local air travel centre says it's been trying its best to ride out the rough turbulence. Read More. 


Contact Us


Erin Crane

Director of Investment Attraction

Economic Development Lethbridge

Phone : (403) 331-0022


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